Blending Old World with the New


One of the greatest adventures of South African Wine is that you will be enriched by the blending of Old World wine making techniques with New World blends that are only discovered in South Africa!

Below you will find our latest in the family of Just Great Tastes

“A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world” – Louis Pasteur

Anura Vineyards is owned and run by Tymen, Jenny and Lance Bouma. Positioned on the foothills on the Simonsberg Mountains, Anura boasts a wide variety of soils, slopes and micro climates. This allows Anura to grow a wide selection of cultivars, some uncommon in South Africa, and also to match each cultivar with its ideal soil and micro climate. With each passing harvest we learn more about our soils and vineyards, and refine our vineyard and cellar practices in order to create the finest wines for their unique terroir. At Anura, they aim to produce wines which combine the robust fruit of the New World with the elegance and complexity of Old World winemaking styles.

The story of Stellenbosch Vineyards has been driven by the pride, passion, and pioneering spirit of our people. From the beginning in 1690 to today, the merging of science, intuition and innovation have steered Stellenbosch Vineyards to the success that we celebrate today. You can find the success and commitment in the multi awarded Stellenbosch Vineyards Collection of Fine Wines.

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